Let us change the
world together

Dear amazing you,

Thank you for being here.

I personally believe in miracles.
I personally believe in divine guidance.
I personally believe there is a reason you are here.
And I hope to inspire you by sharing my dream.

But first of all, let’s talk about you!

So, tell me… What is your vision? What is your dream?
Do you want to grow into a happy, healthy and successful human being?
Do you want to become so good at what you do that you simply can’t be ignored?
Do you want to impact the lives of others around you?
Do you want to lead a life of fulfilment and freedom? 
Do you want to light up our corporate world and contribute in a meaningful way?

If that is your ambition – if that is your dream – I might be able to inspire you with my personal story. 

My story

I came from a poor background. I struggled a lot with my health. My father was from Libya and when I was 5 years old, my mother decided to send me to a boarding school because she had no time to take care of me. I didn’t manage to get a college degree. However, in spite of my tough youth, I nevertheless managed to achieve success – even in the face of many difficulties!

Today, I have grown into a thought leader and CEO, operating a multi-million-euro business. People sometimes call me a silent benefactress because of the amazing work we do. Besides my work and family, I also find the time to run an average of 50km per week, to take my dog for daily walks in the countryside and to support social goals.

The company I founded together with my husband – Arteel Recognition Solutions – has become the European market leader in recognition solutions. We help companies build a positive culture, so that people feel valued and love to go to work every day. In 2020, we decided to also found a company in the UK. And in the course of 2021, Arteel Recognition Solutions reached no less than 250 000 people with its appreciation programmes. We also received the SME Laureate Award for Vlaams-Brabant for our innovative technological developments. And we appeared in the media a number of times – 3 of which in De Tijd, an important Belgian newspaper that mainly focuses on business and economics.

Our Arteel Recognition Solutions vision is to impact one million hearts per week with our recognition programmes!

My dream for you

I want to inspire you when it comes to making your dream come true. Because I believe you have been blessed with potential that is far beyond the scope of your imagination!

It took me more than 30 years to find out about my ‘secret power’. So, what I want to share with you during my talk, are my 3 simple truths that helped me grow into the person I am today… that way, you too can benefit from my journey!

Because you see, I believe our corporate world needs more people that are able to rise up and act from a place of love and appreciation, so that they can positively impact our workplace. I tend to call those people ‘leading angels’… and I would like you to become a leading angel, just like I am – an angel that is there to support others and help them grow.

If you vote for my profile, I can share my entire story with you… and we can make this world a better place – together!

Have you become curious?
Do you want to know more about me or my company?

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My special gift for you

Visit this link to discover what it is: https://www.nathaliearteel.com/durf-leef-&-onderneem

I look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn or during the happiness@work event on December 13th, 2021.

Nathalie Arteel
Leading Angel
Culture, Recognition and High-performance Expert

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0032 16 49 99 66

Nathalie Arteel