As an accomplished business leader, a gifted communicator and a recognised philantrophist, Nathalie brings enormous expertise, insight and energy to her presentations.

Next to her keynote speeches, Nathalie is also happy to design a custom experience, if required, including half- to full-day workshops.​

Nathalie's enthusiasm is contagious. Her speeches are filled with her wisdom and expertise from the business world, coupled with her inspiring message to move people to take real action.

Most requested Keynote Speeches

In the business world, Nathalie speaks mostly on how to:
  • Turn your Employees into Intrapreneurs​
  • Create a supportive culture for Innovation
  • Reconnect with employees & boost motivation


The seminars cover the following:
  • The Art of Appreciation: learn how to connect with your people, and build long-term relationships​.
  • How to make your employees think and act like an entrepreneur.
  • Create a team of top sales people