About me

Nathalie : Entrepreneur, Writer, Professional Speaker and Motivational Expert

I love people, and I love to empower them wherever and whenever I can!

For the last 25 years, I have been dedicating myself to figuring out what it takes for me to live a happy, healthy and successful life – a life in which I feel genuinely connected to myself and to the people I love.

I myself took my first steps in the business world over 30 years ago, when my husband and I took over my parents-in- law’s gift-shop. In the course of the years that followed, we managed to turn what was once a little, local shop into a flourishing company, counting many Fortune 500 Companies amongst our customers and exporting to 39 countries. While today we still produce and sell traditional business gifts, my professional mission has evolved into helping other companies understand the important role of Recognition & Appreciation, and I now develop online and offline tools to help companies build a strong, positive company culture and create a genuinely engaged workforce and loyal customers.

In 2011, the Arteel Company received the SME Laureate Award, a prize awarded for our innovative and dynamic approach to entrepreneurship. Later that year, the European Union approached me to become an Ambassador to promote female entrepreneurship. In 2013, I was the only Belgian Finalist of the Woman in Sales Award, an international event that nominated ladies from 25 countries.

This professional mission of mine goes hand in hand with my personal mission, which is to support and empower women who are eager to lead a happy and healthy life, in which they too successfully manage to balance their family life and their entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions. Just like I managed to do.

I have been happily married for 29 years. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children and 1 crazy dog. I succeeded in building a very strong health, both mentally and physically. I love being out in nature. And I am passionate about people.

“Per aspera ad astra”

“Through hardships to the stars”