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" I walk my talk ! "

For the past 25 years now, I have been fascinated by what makes people successful and happy. And for a very long time, I was convinced that a life of success, happiness and good health was reserved for the “happy few”.

Until the day came upon which I realised that I myself would have to take up the reins.

Eventually, my husband and I succeeded in building a flourishing business that counts many Fortune 500 Companies amongst its customers, and exports to 39 countries.
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It was a long and rocky road. But, at the same, it is exactly thanks to those challenges I encountered along the way that I became that much more knowledgeable.

I learned what it means to run a business, what the secret is to creating a strong and positive company culture, and which factors are crucial in successfully building a loyal customer base. I obtained insights into the accounting and financial aspects of running a business, into how to set out a compelling sales story that generates both short- and long-term contracts, into which marketing and communication strategies are essential in order to keep on distinguishing your company in this increasingly complex business world, into how to profile and position yourself as an expert in your field, and – above all – into how to make your voice heard and generate credibility, such as to enable yourself to easily establish connections on any level.

Just as I obtained a deep understanding of what it takes to be able to combine all of the above with a happy family life and guarding over your own energy balance – one of my secrets is that I discovered a way to generate more energy than the average woman, both physically and mentally!

My mission is to share my most important learnings and insights with you, to make sure that you don’t have to spend 25 years searching just to be able to live that same happy, healthy and successful life.

Which is not to say that I pretend to have all the answers: I too had to learn through trial and error, I too make mistakes, and I too have hard moments – just like anybody else…

And day in, day out I have to deliver: within my own organisation, for my customers and at home.

Yet deep down inside I remain that everyday girl, who never ceases to look at life and the people she meets with astonishment.

I am proud of what I have achieved in life so far, and grateful for the long and challenging road I have walked. Because it is exactly thanks to the knowledge and insights I gathered along the way, that I can now help you realise your dreams too.
Johan Van Overtveldt , Minister of Finance: Nathalie’s sincerity and passion never cease to inspire. Her book is a beautiful example of that.
Bo Eason, Former NFL All Star, Broadway Playwright & Motivational Speaker: Nathalie is one of those speakers and business leaders our world needs more of. She raises the standard in every room she enters because she has mastered the art of connecting with an audience in a way that is honest and real. She doesn't just have the talent needed to inspire and energize an audience, she has what it takes to influence and lead them.
Wouter Torfs, Entrepreneur: By authentically and openly sharing her own journey, Nathalie Arteel sets an example for and shows to the way to the young female entrepreneurs we so desperately need!
Patricia Ceysens, Entrepreneur and former Minister of Economic Affairs: Whatever Nathalie decides to do, she does with a great sense of spontaneity.

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